Friday, February 20, 2009

The recession got me

The morning i left for Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia I had $1500(AUD) in the bank and i hoped to be gone for 5 weeks. This meant i had to be pretty cheap without turning into a hoodrat.

The following are 5 photographs from my adventure which i managed to shoot before i ran out of money and before Callie had $6000 worth of Camera equipment stolen from the markets in Vietnam.

 More shots (both B+W and Colour) will be up as soon as i scrape together some crust and get into the darkroom.

Shots = Jared

I feel the need to rub shit in

So even though we are nearing the end of the second month of 09', i thought it essential to re-cap on one if not the best year of my life in 08'. Single, finished Uni, i travelled to Europe and Asia on a whirlwind festival tour, i sold all my possessions and moved to Melbourne with only a suitcase and one friend no house but the following put up with me and put me up...Kelly Pat Beccy.

It was a year in which i had no commitments besides the ones i made for myself.
The 'Never Again' trip - i attended 5 of the major music festivals around the world just because.
Glastonbury - England UK
Roskilde - Denmark
Summercase - Barcelona, Spain
Fuji Rock Festival - Mt.Naeba, Japan
Splendour in the Grass - Byron Bay, Australia
This was an effing epic journey, hundreds of bands drank too much, opened my eyes.
Roskilde Festival in Denmark simply amazing, a few of my friends had attended previous years but no story or description can quite paint the picture that this festival deserves.  I woke up at Glastonbury early Monday morning to catch a bus to London, then a train to Stansted airport, flew to Denmark, and trained to Roskilde.  Needless to say i was fucked, set up tent next to these crazy Swedish crew and my first drink was from them...a beer bong full of warm beer and grass, mate mate had a gumboot full of liquids??
Roskilde includes:
A daily newspaper with reviews photos and gossip
Cheap cartons of Tuborg within the camping site
A monster burger for $4 AU
A weed man selling pre-rolled joints out of a chip packet, who knocks on your tent
A fuck off skate park
A Lake with diving board
A naked race
its own radiostation
no bogans=no fights
guys and girls squatting to do their 'shit' in full view
a 60 man beer funnel
a sandpit...sounds shit but this was fun
the most interesting people i've ever met...Scandinavian girls that take you back to their campsite and you end up singin John Farnham 'Your the Voice" in a loop for 3 hours.
Lighting your tent on fire at the end of the festival
Campsite Parties -  this is kind of hard to paint however, the actual festival and stages is gated and the surrounds are all acres and acres of camping. Within the campsite people set up these massive tents with p.a. systems and have 24 hour 7 day long raves, you bring a carton of beer a joint and dance to scandi hip-hop and trance all night.
This place is the Woodstock of now, if you want to know where all the cool kids from S magazine party in a Danish summer go to Roskilde

Youtube /// >> Roskilde Festival Rocks

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Belated January Post.

There are so many photo blogs and music reviews getting around these days so I'll try not to bore you. 
Here are some photos from a sweat feast of an A-TRAK/AJAX set at the Empire in Brisbane. Photos shot on Ilford Delta 3200 film @ 3200 ASA.