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The Vice Guide To Liberia

Continuing the obsession with all things fucked up VICE has bought us its latest installment to the VBS.TV documentary, interview series; The Vice Guide to Liberia. If any of you saw Heavy Metal In Baghdad you will enjoy this..its free no need for download just let it eat up your bandwidth.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

RE: Me being catatonic.

I haven't really been posting for ages because of two main reasons:
1. I have been listening to Siege + Deep Wound + Extortion + Naked City. I don't know why anybody (including myself) would like music this ugly so I'm not about to suggest it to friends.
2. Of the more palatable music I have been listen to it has been pretty much exclusively Australian shit that is still in print/released in the last year or so and I would just feel like a cunt putting links up for these albums when Australian bands have it hard enough anyway. And I'm hardly going to write a proper review on a album hoping you will go out and buy it as my writing skills are less than adequate.

but here are a few BRIEF brainfarts on my favourite AUS bands/releases (other than those in my best of list a couple of pages back)


These cunce rule because not only are they from brisbane (YEW) they are on R.I.P. SOCIETY (best label in australia once Circle Pit and Dead Farmers and Royal Headache release there shit this year) and the mask there NYC (velvets and No Wave) influences in a XXXX encrusted, tomoto sauce stained OAR-STRAIL-IAN manner.
p.s. this album only costs $12.95

lakes/Sean Bailey

This guy is a king. the principle (and sometimes only member) of
Wasted Truth (2 track Black Flag baiting HC dirge)
DEAF!DEAF! (deceased Jazz/Punk/Goth/GRRL group whose song loss of appitiete is one of my all time favourites)
Chrome Dome (Drugged fuelled industrail synth death-pop)
Paeces (god-only-knows-fucked-up experimental music)
lakes. experimental yet easily enough listened to noise-pop. He sings about really wierd and wild stuff and claps all out of time and shit. The soundtrack to where the wild things are if if was filmed by Weiner Herzog instead of Spike Jonze.
Dude also owns a label (inverted Crux) and runs festival/puts on shows.


Swirly fuzzed out 90s music with boy/girl vocals and one of the best female drummers in the land. Forever is what JJJ would play if it didnt catch AIDS a long time ago


If these guys don't get the support slot for Pavement the world must of caught AIDS off JJJ.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cut Sick!!

If you like vb and "star tattoos" you should be into this!!!
Best band to come out of the gold coast since a day out with clancy!

More songs from Muppet Breath!!!!

Murder City Devils

Catsburg and John introduced me to this band late 08' ...good shiiiiiieeeeeeeet (clay davis)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Soft Pack

close your eyes actually dont factory girl is in this one

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