Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Amanaz : Africa

If we are talking BBQs I highly recommend this mid seventies Zambian group. Kind of like African dudes ripping off a downer/stoned cream who ripped off African dudes in the first place via america. Fuzzier than fuzzy, pretty lo-fi, really joyous/sad, bluesy, abit psych. Overall a pretty amazing record. 9 songs in english, 3 not (grande research by me to find this other language I know)

I might but a similar band called demon fuzz up soon if I could be bothered.


Has everyone seen the Hedi Slimane Diary?


Worth it but..


Haven't posted anything lately. Been kinda busy trying to get my life together. I had a touch phone for a week but i sat on it when i was maggot on friday. So I'm morse coding again. So much rock and roll lately, spending my week off doing uni and hanging with zig. Went for a pool skate today which was fun. I actually paid $39 for a packet of Polaroid film yesterday. So that means it has gone up to $3.90 a shot............

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Buy a record or CD and cook a BBQ

Dead Rat 3X

So i'm the first to admit that this post has many a floor:

Firstly the song i am allusioning (not sure if thats a word) to is Grinspoons "Dead CAT"
Secondly there is 4 pictures...3 of relevance
Thirdly i havent posted in a while and the best thing i could come up with is an animal that was super sad...
Fourthly - its quite obviously a mouse

However not all is bad...for all those kids who are tired with Morrissey and Alex Turner waxing poetic, here is some stimulating stuff

DCX3 (Dead Cat)
Dead cat three times
Bet it's out there on a highway line
You tried to deny all of it
I hang my head when I think
Dead cat, dead cat three times

Dead cat
You said that
Said cat three times
Dead cat

No school three times
Cigarettes, Sudafed for role call boys
They never really gave a shit
Apologetic hypocrite

Dead cat
Dead cat three times
Dead cat
Said that
Said cat three times

Dead, fuck, in, cat

Dead cat
Dead cat
Dead cat
Dead cat
Dead cat
Dead cat

Monday, September 28, 2009

Animal Collective - Sung Tongs

Most people probably already have this in internet land but \I guess some people might only have Merriweather Post Pavilion as it seems insanely more popular than there other stuff.

This is my favourite animal collective album with my favourite AC song on it ('Visiting Friends' which is basically drowning in valium)and I think the first time these guys really got there shit together. I mean Feels that came after this is also amazing but this album has pretty amazing diversity in its sounds and song structures which I thinki was kind of sanded away when they realised what they wanted to do later on.

BONUS POINTS: the opener leaf house (also Jared's favourite AC song) sung by an 'indie-as' adult choir. it is really good but, I promise.



Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009



Alice Coltrane

Couldn't of said this better myself --> "A masterpiece of psychedelic, eastern-tinged drone-jazz. Take the trip."


Everyone knows Hunter S. Thompson was the biz

If you havn't read the Kingdom Of Fear or any other of his novels please please do. This dude hung out with the hells angels and was a straight up badass who started his own genre of journalism.

When he was 18 he wrote this letter to the New York Times..

by Hunter S. Thompson, 1955, Louisville

Young people of America, awake from your slumber of indolence and harken the call of the future! Do you realize that you are rapidly becoming a doomed generation? Do you realize that the fate of the world and of generations to come rests on your shoulders? Do you realize that at any time you may be called on to protect your country and the freedom of the world from the creeping scourge of Communism? How can you possibly laugh in the face of the disasters which face us from all sides? Oh ignorant youth, the world is not a joyous place. The time has come for you to dispense with the frivolous pleasures of childhood and get down to honest toil until you are 65. Then and only then can you relax and collect your social security and live happily until the time of your death. …

--Fearfully and disgustedly yours,
John J. Righteous-Hypocrite.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Internet back tomorrow

I'll post some new toons for you. It is too fucking painful with caveman internet.

Monday, September 21, 2009


This blog makes me rethink my possible pending Melbourne relocation.

For a small hick town Brisbane sure is a great place.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Captain Beefheart- Safe as milk.

I thought this album had a lyric that went 'Buffalo Boner Showin'
It doesn't... but it would probably really the only thing that could make this thing better.

1967 blues based rock that jams out abit in the end. A little for everyone here but still really continual and great from start to finish. Features A song called Autumn's Child that has a section that Tame Impala most certainly directly lifted. Only its way better than anything they have done. Ol' Captain also has one of the best/funniest voices ever in the western world.


The King of Bonk!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

HITLER - Aids Is A Mass Murderer

New German safe sex campaign sees Hitler getting all up on a young lets say Heidi Klum, comparing the mass murder of Hitler's regime to the mass "murder" caused by aids (fact UNAIDS = 3 million people per year). Alot of melbourne kids would of seen this in yesterdays MX.

So this weekend when your pulling some helpless young maggot home from Fashion Keyboard remember this message
GUYS: "do the right thing"
GIRLS "if you have sex with a guy with a moustache you die"

Monday, September 7, 2009


Our friend Daniel would be a professional footyhead having group sex with rank sluts if he didnt have such bad knees. Lucky for us he does and discovered a love for photography and is pretty damn good at it. He is on the exponential skill curve at the moment where he constantly blows you away (particularly his use of nature light AKA really good shadows).


Malaria! - complied



Saturday, September 5, 2009

Myers Billboards

Here is some sneaky previews of some stuff that was shot in Melbourne. I'm hoping that some of this stuff will get printed so i don't want to ruin surprise's.


So i have been doing Ziggies groceries when i get the chance. I havn't been down to see him since i got back from melbourne so i might go down through the week and see what he has been up to.

Still in tweed..

Prawn Trawling off the Tweed..

Cheers to my old man who tracked these guys down and bribed them with beers so they would take me out.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Silver Apples + White Noise

Probably two of the most spun out bands of the sixties that both relied more heavily on emerging electronics and tape munipulation rather than the much preferred electric guitar. Totally different to you garage-psych rock stuff that was considered pretty wild for the time, these two groups were for the more nausating acid trips. The Contact part of the Silver Apples collection (72??) is probably one of my favourite records of the era.
Parts of White Noise are beautiful acid-folksy stuff where as others are still really fucked up today... The Black Mass: Electric Storm in Hell is one of the scariest sounding recordings ever and I'm sure gets heaps of love of most church burning black metal heads.

STRONGLY recommend listening to WHite Noise with headphones on as the stereo aspect of the recordings is the best/worst part depending on your mental health.



Thursday, September 3, 2009

more summer jamzzz

Girl out of pocahaunted, probably going to marry the dude out of wavves and move to the philippines and surf break that are so secret they don't even exist!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Battle Royale


Why does the small town of London have two young hipster bands feature XX in there names? (especially considering The ---- and ---- teens is hardly a new prefix/suffix in the band name world) Who knows.. Who does your vote go to?

Inglourious Basterds

No introduction needed, however the reason for this post is to "big up" Christoph Waltz / Jew Hunter, carried this film, how can you play such an unlikeable basterd (pun intended) but be so remembered and respected. He even strangled my favourite actress of late Melanie Laurent (see movie 'Paris' and fall in love), and still wins me over with his charm in the 'milk' scene. Obviously i am not stating anything remarkable as he did pick up best actor at Cannes 09'. If you havent seen this movie get along...NOVA Lygon St $8 Mondays.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ledger - Modest Mouse

Heath Ledger started directing a video for the Modest Mouse song "King Rat" then died. Blunt?... (before his time). below is the link because all embedding has been deleted due to a cash hungry myspace. Also keep an eye out for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus his last film completed by Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell...this guy owned.

LO-FI Gravy Train

Spring is here summer on the horizon, sun filled lazy backyard / rooftop days ahead, Smith Westerns should definately have a spot in your ear, i am a sucker for teenage angst and pop hooks